Remote Administration Tool Darkcomet RAT Setting up Without Portforwarding

Remote Administration Tool Darkcomet RAT-
It is a step by step tutorial with screen shots explaining about how to setup Remote administration tool Darkcomet RAT‘s remote server without Portforwarding .
Let’s start,
1) Click Here and make your no-ip  account 1st.

2) Now click on Add a Host.

3.Now you will see this page.Fill the hostname field with a name.Your ip will be automatically entered.

4.Install No-ip Duc and open it.Click on Select Hosts.
5.Select the host you created and then click on save.


Note:If you have portforwarded then leave this part.Follow this part if you can’t portforward. Read my previous tutorial to setup Darkcomet with portforwarding

1.Click Here and Install Proxpn and create an account.

2.Now Connect.


1.Open up Darkcomet and click on edit server.
2.Don’t Select Security Password and click on generate a few times.

3.Now go to network settings and enter your no-ip address and desired port number then click on Test Network and then Add this configuration.
4.Now go to module start up and choose the options that are in the image because these settings can interfere with crypting.I recommend using crypter start up.

5.Adding a Message is your choice.
6.Don’t select any options as these will make the user thing they are infected so they might just format their pc’s.

7.Make sure that is checked.

7.Now go to build module and select what is in the image(it should be generate stubb,most likely) and click build.You can save it whereever you want.
You are done,

Now you can RAT someone by giving him/her this Server file (.exe)
Read my previous post to bypass antivirus detection  when you send your server file for remote installation.
You can also use FUD crypter and binder tools for this.

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