Linux Kernel Zero-Day Flaw – Vulnerable For Attackers To Get Root Access

A new critical zero-day vulnerability has been discovered in the Linux kernel that could allow attackers to gain root level privileges by running a malicious Android or Linux application on an affected device. The critical Linux kernel flaw (CVE-2016-0728) has been identified by a group of researchers at a startup named Perception Point. The vulnerability […]

Python – Making A Simple SQL Injection Vulnerability Tester Tool

Hello, today we are making a MySQL SQL Injection vulnerability checking tool in python programming language. That’s why we named it Making A Simple SQL Injection Vulnerability Tester. It will work only on GET parameter using websites. Recommended: Python: Noob Friendly Programming Language To Start Coding Manual SQL Injection – Basic Tutorial For Hack A Website Things […]

Kali Linux Tutorial: Information Gathering Using TheHarvester

Today we will learn about Information Gathering using theHarvester in Kali Linux. Good information gathering can make the difference between a successful penetration test and one that has failed to provide maximum benefit to the client.  Also Read: Practical Tutorial For Best 15 Pentest Tools In Kali Linux 2.0 TheHarvester has been developed in Python […]

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