Top 10 Websites To Test Your Coding Skills And Improve Yourself Online

Websites To Test Your Coding Skills-

The stereotypical image of a computer programmer—a geek with thick glasses and a pocket-protector hunched over a CRT monitor—has been replaced by casually-dressed, modern men and women fixing bugs and updating websites from the corner booth in their favorite coffee shop.

Today, anyone can learn to code—from small business owners building their first website to savvy bloggers ready to tackle WordPress tutorials to administrators who oversee mega corporations. Coding not only simplifies daily tasks, it teaches you abstract thinking and problem-solving, and the only things you need are a computer and an Internet connection.

Coding is obviously an art. For a passionate programmer, code is the colors and programming languages are the canvas. You can improve your coding skills only when you have a real-time challenge with another coder. That’s why testing your coding skills are most important for any programmer.

But testing your coding skills on real life practices are not possible every time. So, you can take help from some websites which are prepared for you to allow you to test your skills online. Here i am giving you the top 10 websites where you can perfectly improve your coding and problem solving skills.


Websites To Test Your Coding Skills-

Learn: JavaScript, CoffeeScript, Ruby, Python, Clojure, Haskell.

Pitting yourself against someone better than you might be the fastest way to learn – every athlete knows this “secret”. Codewars is another platform for programmers to scale-up their skills by training with others on real code challenges. But here’s the catch – you have to prove yourself in the programming language of your choice during sign-up. The startup asks you to solve a “kata” before you are allowed in, similar to the ethos of a martial art school.

Codewars isn’t the first place for a beginner. It could develop into an online society where talented coders can compete, collaborate, and unite around programming challenges – but only once they have some experience under their belts.


Websites To Test Your Coding Skills-

What’s better than solving programming challenges? Doing it in a real-time race against other people! Get matched up with CodeFighters from around the world and challenge them with your codes.

Using this site you can test your coding skills as well as improve your skills to the next level. Using CodeFights is very simple, just go to the site and sign-up for free.


Websites To Test Your Coding Skills-

Learn: JavaScript, Ruby, and iOS programming

Learning is frequently more effective when one interacts with peers who are better at your chosen skill than you are. Codaround (beta) is a brand spanking new learning forum that is trying to bring a touch of group learning to self-teaching. Previously known as Hackavard, Codaround is bringing the community close to the solo-learner. In the crowd of social tools and meetup services, Codaround keeps its focus on the burgeoning community of coders.

Register with Facebook, specify your expertise level and you are in. The site is part chat and part meetup planning platform. Want to learn something – announce it on the site and meetup with learning partners at a convenient location. You can also use the site to see if some meetups are happening nearby.


Websites To Test Your Coding Skills-

Learn: 19 technologies from Android to SQL

Programmr is designed to be a programming simulator for learning and practicing coding skills. The platform covers technologies like AngularJS, Backbones, PHP, Python and more. The site calls itself an “an online interactive lab” for beginner coders to code, compile and run projects within the browser. The “auto-faculty” module provides instant feedback to students as they complete the exercises and challenges. You code your own applications, then embed them like YouTube videos.

You can practice with the help of coding exercises and challenges. Make your own project and add it to the pool of 3000+ projects on the site. Or dip into these projects and learn how they were made. There doesn’t seem to be any open contests right now, but keep an eye to win some Amazon gift cards and a spot on the leaderboard!


Websites To Test Your Coding Skills-

Learn: Python

Gamification of coding is the latest trend…especially for teachings kids the basic programming concepts. CheckIO is a code gaming platform for coders who want to learn some Python skills. Python is one of the common programming languages taught to beginners. On CheckIO, programming landmarks are called “islands”. You have to undertake programming challenges or “missions” to go from one island to the next. CheckIO crowdsources the coding puzzles that make up the challenges in each island.

The crowdsourcing is unique with three learning opportunities – contribute puzzles via GitHub, help with translating the puzzles in 10 languages, and offer hints to problem solvers. With the combination of community and gaming, users can design missions, challenge their peers and help each other improve their code in the process. CheckIO has turned into one of the popular destinations for learning Python.


Websites To Test Your Coding Skills-

Programming Skills (pskills) provide you to more than hundred online tests set in different programming language like (c, java, .net, php and html).

This site not only offers to test your coding skills but also some additional services like coding tutorials, downloads and some demo interview questions on coding. To test your skills with pskills, go to the website and click on “online test”.


Websites To Test Your Coding Skills-

Coderbyte is a web application that helps you practice your programming skills, prepare for coding. This site offers Live video sessions to discuss practice tests and solutions.

You can simply take a challenge to test your skills as well as you can prepare yourself for a job interview by solving the interview questions. This site has a good set of resources for the programmers.


Websites To Test Your Coding Skills-

Measure your programming skills effectively with TestDome’s online coding tests and save time. The skill test platform is ranging from web development to databases, or it’s general aptitude tests.

If you are a company owner and if you need to hire some perfect coder for your, then you can test their skills using TestDome. It has a paid service which offers customized service for company.


Websites To Test Your Coding Skills-

With more than five domains to choose from, you can decide if you want to improve your coding skills on Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning.

This is a good place for the advanced coders to practice and test their skills. If you are interested on hacking then you can improve your codes here. More than 800k developers test their skills here.


Websites To Test Your Coding Skills-

Test for Geeks is specialized to help you to hire the right candidates for your vacancy. Simply before you recruit, send a link to the candidates and if they complete the test successfully, then call them for an interview.

You also can test your coding skills on this site. Simply go to the site and register to start the testing process.

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