How To Spy a Remote Computer Using Ardamax Keylogger

A step-by-step guide to successfully creating a deployment package, sending it, and receiving information using Ardamax Keylogger. Now, in this guide, I only use one method of receiving information, and that’s an FTP. I also do not protect the files. Any suggestions and comments are appreciated.

Download Free aradamax keylogger to hack password

Now, open it, and it should give you a name and a jumble of letters and numbers.

Go back to the Ardamax icon at the bottom right, and right-click it.

Click the “Enter Registration Key” button.(you should disconnect internet to registration)

Now enter the Name and Key you downloaded with aradamax keylogger

Or if you choose another version of aradamax keylogger then get serial
from this website:

Now you are ready to install keylogger remotely

Again, right click the icon at the bottom-right.

Click “Remote Installation”.

Click next.

Now, if you want to attach your keylogger to an existing file, tick the box that says “Append keylogger engine to..” etc

If you tick it, click Browse, and select the file.

If not, continue down. The installation folder on target computer needs to remain Windows System Folder for added security, so leave it be.

Add any additional components you would like. I just leave mine as “log viewer”.

From this point, click next.

Tick all of the boxes, as to hide it from everything visible, otherwise they can just see it and be like “Wtf”, uninstall, etc.

Click next.

For Security, do what you want. I leave all of it as-is and click next again.

Now, untick the “Check for updates” box, else it will check for updates on their computer and they will know that they are bugged.

Click next.

Tick the “Start in hidden mode” box, and leave the “Run on windows startup” as-is.

You may pick a date to self destruct, if you like. Sounds noisy,It simply removes itself on selected date. If not, leave it alone, and it will never self destruct.

Click next.

Tick the “Send logs every..” box, and choose how frequently you would like to recieve information that has been sent.

Select ‘FTP’ and de-select everything else as a delivery method.

You may choose to take out screenshots.

Leave log format alone.

You may choose to send logs if it exceeds a certain size, or if you want it to send no matter what, untick the box, which is what I do.

Click on next

Head on over to: (or

Make an account,entering your username password etc

Save your FTP Account name and password. You’ll need it in a moment.

This site will be the site that holds all information recieved by the keylogger.

When you’re done, scroll down a bit.

Under “FTP Accounts”, click “File Manager”.

Near the top, click the “New Dir” button, and create a directory by any name you want.

Now, hold that thought. Bring the keylogger back.

In Ftp Host, put in:

In “Remote Folder”, put in the new directory’s name you made.

Fill in your Username and Password.

Leave leave Passive Mode checked

Leave port alone as well. It’s default.

Now to make sure everything is correctly done, click test. It should tell you it all went through. And to double check, you can refresh your open window. Click your directory and there should be a test file in it.

Click next

Tick anything and everything you want.

Click next

If you selected screenshots to be enabled, pick how you want them delivered. Click next. If not, ignore this step.

Browse where you want the keylogger to be placed. You can also change the icon, which is nifty.IF you are sharing a picture with your friend of yours,you can change the icon to a notepad and name it “Funny pic” or some thing else,and they fal for it.

Click Next.

This screen will go over with you everything that you have chosen. Make sure it’s all correct.

Click Finish.

Now, if you appended the keylogger to something, you’re going to need to put the “install” and appended file into a .zip or .rar file.

If not, you have the simple “Install” on your desktop. Also, feel free to rename it to something like “OMFGFunnypicture!!!.jpg”

Now you are ready to install a keylogger remotely

Upload the file or .rar/.zip somewhere, and let your target download it. They will double click it, and on their end, nothing will happen, but secretly, they have been keylogged.

Check your FTP Directory that you made as frequently as you told it to send logs, and you’ll have everything you need.

While installing a keylogger remotely the major problem is antivirus detection.

How to bypass antivirus detection using FUD crypters and binders

Bypass Antivirus detection using Metasploit (FUD)

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