How to Hack Wifi Using Android with Terminal Emulator and WPS/WPA Tester

Hack Wifi Using Android with Terminal Emulator -

Sounds Looking Good ! That You Can Hack Wifi from your Android Phone Yeah It’s True ! You can hack wifi from your phone in Just Two Minuets. You just need to install few apps and you can enjoy high speed free internet from your neighbor’s wifi, office :p. from this app i hacked almost 90% wifi of my area and speed of all WIFI network’s is good. Many of users trying with this but facing error or they don’t know actual method so this post will surely help them to cracking WIFI. So I share this great trick for all of you. Let’s Start.


*Let’s Start WIFI Cracking But before start WIFI hacking I let you know that this app can only hack WPS enabled security WIFI. this app doesn’t work in some devices due to their unsupported kernel version. In Latest Routers app can’t crack the WIFI password because Router’s PIN Not saved in app (Hopefully in next update of app more routers pin can be added). Depends on Router pin if it saved in app you can easily crack the wifi. Except these hurdles this app can hack almost 80 to 90% wifi password that have WPS Security.


Follow These all steps carefully

1. First Install Busy box pro apk and Install it open busybox pro and wait for Supersu app popup grant permission to app by clicking on grant button. You will see like this see Image After that you see busybox is not installed message check below Image 2

Hack Wifi Using Android with Terminal Emulator -
Click On Grant button
Hack Wifi Using Android with Terminal Emulator -
Click on install button

2. Click below this text “will be installed to” and select the path where to install buysbox choose system/bin (! Important). Don’t install it on system/xbin.

3. Now click on install button and wait for seconds you will see popup It’s Look like buysbox is successfully installed close this and slide the tab if busybox is installed successfully you will see something like this check the image below.
Hack Wifi Using Android with Terminal Emulator -
Successful installed busybox
4. Great You Done Half process now install the both apps first WPA/WPS tester and then Terminal Emulator. Open WPS/WPA Tester and give grant access to app. Click on three dots and menu will appear and click on Check wpa_cli It show a popup wpa_cli commands not installed. click on Install experimental button and wait now again click on check wpa_cli it shows a tooltip text wpa_cli OK!

5. Great ! Now open Terminal Emulator and type su and hit enter give grant access to terminal emulator and close the application.

6. Open WPS/WPA tester app and click on green button in top it’s enable the wifi interface and then scan the wifi if WPS WIFI is available in your area then it’s shows with green lock button. click on wifi name it’s shows a popup with three pin available. Select always default pin then click on Verbose button it’s open the Terminal Emulator hold and press on the screen it’s will show you paste option. Paste the command (already copied just need to paste) and hit enter wait for sometime !

7. Voila! You auto connected to wifi . If you want to know password click on three dots go to password option and click on it. it’s shows the WIFI password. Check the image below.
Hack Wifi Using Android with Terminal Emulator -

8. Enjoy ! the SuperWifi ! and feel like a hacker boy.

*Working Devices Xperia E1 (Single & Dual Sim), Galaxy S3 Neo (Stock Rooted not in CM 12/12.1), Moto G Series, YUPhoria and many more if you know tell in comments I’ll add in list.

Commonly Known Issues :

  • Sometime default pin is not work in Terminal emulator it’s repeat the ssid=”” command or WPS-AP Available command. In this condition close the window of emulator go back to WPS Tester click on app and try with other pins It’s solved the problem.
  • If WIFI automatically not connected then during running command you will see ssid=”Targeted wifi name”. If You see this go back to app click on show password scroll down you will see password tap on it and manually connect it by entering WIFI password.
  • Sometime WIFI in settings show WPS avaible WIFI but app not show in this condition reboot the phone or get go to airplane mode in your phone for 5 sec. and then enable the wifi again through WPS tester app.
  • If You fresh install busybox but it’s showing busybox installed in system/xbin then find busybox from xda (for every phone may be it’s different) . Flash zip file from recovery again install busybox and now install it to system/bin.
  • Sometimes Terminal Emulator shows Unknown username or pid error and IFNAME=unknown command in this situation try above method if it’s showing again error then may be your kernel don’t support this wpa_cli commands (Mostly happen in Gionee P series mobiles , CM12/12.1 for Galaxy s3 Neo Rom)

If You find any other error comment below I’ll try to help you to solve it.

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26 thoughts on “How to Hack Wifi Using Android with Terminal Emulator and WPS/WPA Tester

  1. Not working. I followed all the steps correctly. After clicking the install experimental root needed, it opens and again if I click check WPA cli, it is showing again install, again I installed. This process continuously doing. Even though I didn't get check WPA cli ok. I tried clicking the refresh button on the top right corner. Then it scanned and showed my home wifi. I clicked connect. Then it showed three passwords which are incorrect. I also Opened emulator and entered su and closed. Then I clicked on verbose. Later It opens emulator and asked me to paste. I pasted there. Then it shows the error WPA cli not found. I am using Samsung Galaxy Note 3 rooted mobile. Please help me to get rid of this issue

  2. I've got the following popup when I open BusyBox:

    There was a problem opening a shell with root access. This is either being caused by superuser/supersu or by a device that is inproperly rooted.

    What's the problem and what I should do?

  3. hello >> i setup everything exactly everything ok>> but the output on emulator was (unknown command 'IFNAME=wlan0'

    and i didnt have any access to the wifi network

    my android os is cynogenmod 13
    what i do

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  5. hello fellows…………………………………………………………………This work only on wps(wifi protected setup)old security and not forWPA,WPE,WPA2 and you can not break these powerful security setups and if you break it, the password must be too weak setuped by a fool

  6. Hello…..try to use kali linux on you android and install aircrack software to setup wifi monitoring mode and wait 2hours to crack the wifi password,if you have any doubts send what's app message to 917730882789

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  8. sir i couldnt access your this site for about one year, u had posted hacking FB an year ago in febuary 2017, i tried that method for many day and then suddenly the site was not no more available as u mentiontion this site in your that post, so i daily used to access but its lways gave errors, beside this also yr site picateshacks behaved the same as and both of these site were impossible to visit.
    one week ago, i tried to visit your site i successfully get yr site, i was wonder and so happy to get back my fav site i very very glad, i love u and your this site.
    plzzzzz share more new, i m now a kali linux user and i wanna hack the world.
    also tellme smthing about the site that were mentioned in your that post of Feb 2017 about facebook hacking phishing method.

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