PS4 Hacked – Hackers Installed Linux On Play Station

hackers-running -linux-ps4-

wow!, is it a big news? yes, we used Play station for gaming but here some hackers turned the PS into a personal computer. Hackers enjoy much playing with PlayStation and Xbox, rather than playing on them. And this time, they have done some crazy things with Sony’s PlayStation gaming console.

It appears that a console-hacking that goes by the name of Fail0verflow have managed to hack PlayStation 4 (PS4) to run a Linux kernel-based operating system.

Fail0verflow announced this week that they successfully cracked the PlayStation 4 and managed to install a full version of Linux on the system, turning the PlayStation 4 into a real PC.

With this latest PS4 hack, the console-hacking group gave the homebrew software community hope that Sony’s popular game console will soon become a valuable tool in their arsenal.

What’s even more interesting?

Group Managed to Run Game Boy Advance and Pokémon on PS4. The hacking group didn’t stop with Linux. The group also managed to install an emulator for the Game Boy Advance and a version of Pokémon, dubbing it the “PlayStation Version.”

Although complete details of the hack have yet to be disclosed, it seems that the hacking group exploited a WebKit flaw similar to the one recently used by a hacker named CTurt for developing a fully jailbroken version of the PlayStation 4.

Since this isn’t probably the best way to play your favorite old portable games, the hacking group has control of much of the PlayStation 4 system.

Video Demonstration of the Hack

In a five-minute-long video given below, you can see how hackers installed Linux on PlayStation 4 and managed to keep many functions in working condition including WiFi, Bluetooth, optical audio, the serial port, and HDMI encoder.

The hacking group presented its PlayStation hack at the 32nd Chaos Communication Congress (32c3) conference that took place on December 30, 2015.

Sony has yet to comment on its part.

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