Hack Facebook Using Latest Phishing Page 2018 (No Suspension)


Hello guys, Welcome back. Today i am going to teach you how to hack facebook using latest phishing method 2018 and this is 100% working trick. This is not our old school phishing method which is not working nowadays not only because free hosting websites are detecting and suspending phishing pages but also modern browsers will be detecting those kind of pages and warning user suspicious alert, so i come up with a new solution for this problem which will never detected by browsers or hosting companies as phishing page.

If you are new to facebook phishing then i recommend you to read this tutorial for understanding the basics of phishing method: How To Hack Facebook Using Phishing Method

If you really want to make it happen then you should be patient and read this complete tutorial, i am explaining everything from scratch but it will be a lengthy tutorial because i am using a custom made page (not the exact facebook page) with SQL database to store username and password.

Don’t worry, everything is completely free and i am also attached the whole page files in a zip format that you can simply download, One more thing ‘this is a complete newbie friendly post‘, everything is explained well with screenshots, so enjoy reading it guys :).


Warning & Disclaimer: Making a phishing page is not illegal, but using a phishing page is illegal. This tutorial is only for educational purposes. If you use this to hack anyone account, then I AM not responsible for it. Do anything on your own risk. Read Our Disclimer

Hack facebook using latest phishing method

Let’s start


  1. Signing up to the free web hosting
  2. Creating SQL Database
  3. Downloading and editing the attached files
  4. Creating free Domain and uploading the files to server
  5. Testing the page and accessing stored password

Step 1: Signing up to the free web hosting

First Go to Biz.nf free Web Hosting and click on Sign Up button.

In the next page tick the Free hosting plan and click continue.



In the next page fill all the details including your email and tick I agree checkbox and recaptcha then click on continue. (note down your email and password for future sign in)



Now go to your email inbox and open the mail from biz.nf, Click on the verification Link and you will be redirected to the control panel, Good job guys.



Step2: Creating SQL Database

From your control panel go to advanced tools section and click on Database Manager.



In the next page type Database Name as mydatabase and a passwordthen click on create button.



Now you can see our new database under all databases tab.

Note down the Name, User, Host, and Password in a new text file because we need this information later (see my info.txt in the screenshot).



Now click on phpMyAdmin under Management then it will take you to the database phpMyAdmin Page.



From the phpMyAdmin page type table name as users.

No of columns 4 .

Then click Go button.



Now we are inside our users table. In the first column type id and tick A I then a pop up will come up there you click Go button.



Fill the remaining 3 columns as shown below.

username   VARCHAR   255

email          VARCHAR   255

password   VARCHAR   255

(see the screenshot below)

Finally click on the Save button.



Now you have successfully created the database, Good job. (check the details in my screenshot below).



Step3: Downloading and editing the attached files

Download the attached file from here: pageFiles.zip

Unzip the file then you will see 9 files inside the folder.

Open the server.php file with any text editor and replace the highlighted part with your database details.



For an example see my screenshot below.



After replacing the details save the file.


Step 4: Creating free Domain and uploading the files to server

Open up your control panel dashboard.

click on Domain Manager icon.



From there click create Free .co.nf domain option and type your domain name as you wish.

(my domain is elephantoplay.co.nf)

Click on create button.



Now from the Dashboard go to File Manager option.



From the file manager double click and open up your domain folder.

Now click on Upload button.

Drag and drop all your files(9 files).

click upload.




Make sure all the 9 files are successfully uploaded to your domain folder.


 Step 5: Testing the page and accessing stored password

So guys this is our final step

Testing!! 🙂

Go to your domain (my domain is elephantoplay.co.nf).

Add www. at begining of your domain, For example: www.elephantoplay.co.nf

Type any username and password for testing.

Click Register.



After clicking register it will open a new page showing the server is busy(error message).

But Don’t worry the entered username and password is stored in our Database.



Now Let’s see the stored data

Come back to your Dashboard and open the Hosting Tools tab.

Click phpMyAdmin 4. (If it asks for phpMyAdmin login credential just type your database name and password)



Click on your Database name.



Select the users table, Congrats !!!!

Now you can see the username and password you entered earlier.



Warning: don’t use it for illegal purpose.

Thank you guyzzzzz.


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10 thoughts on “Hack Facebook Using Latest Phishing Page 2018 (No Suspension)

  1. Can you please help me? Im trying to find where is saved the password. I did all the things. but it’s not saving. Please someone can help me? thankssss

    1. Open the phpMyAdmin panel and select the database u created before then select the users table .. there you will see the saved username and password..(read again the last step in my tutorial, see the last screenshot also)

  2. Warning: mysqli_connect(): (42000/1044): Access denied for user ‘2743572_mydatabase’@’%’ to database ‘2743572_ mydatabase’ in /srv/disk3/2743572/www/mjstar.co.nf/server.php on line 10

    Warning: mysqli_real_escape_string() expects parameter 1 to be mysqli, boolean given in /srv/disk3/2743572/www/mjstar.co.nf/server.php on line 17

    Warning: mysqli_real_escape_string() expects parameter 1 to be mysqli, boolean given in /srv/disk3/2743572/www/mjstar.co.nf/server.php on line 18

    1. check the server.php again and edit properly with your database details…. read again the editing step

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