DreamHost Promo Code 2015 Dec, $50 Discount +1 Domain

Save 50$ on DreamHost Hosting + 1 Life Time Domain

Yearly > $119.40 – $50 = $69.40 +1 Domain

2 Years > $214.80 – $60 = $154.80 +1 Domain

DreamHost is an extremely capable web hosting company with over ten years of WordPress-hosting experience! Their servers are cutting-edge, their tech-support is awesome (a friendly knowledgeable professional support operative is there to respond to your every question 24/7) and their reliability is generally top-notch. In short, we think they’re really pretty darn great – which is why we have absolutely no qualms in recommending them to others with a monster $50 discount with +1 Life Time Domain registration with this DreamHost Promo Code (valid throughout 2016)! Did we mention their servers are also WordPress-optimized?
Use Coupon/Promo Code:


Dreamhost banner

Can’t find where to enter the DreamHost promo code?

dreamhost promo code screen shot
Where to enter the DreamHost Promo Code Screenshot
No promo code box? Try clearing your browser’s cookies/cache and give it another try!
(note: using promo code ‘OFFERDHOST ‘ gives you a whopping $50 discount +1 life time Domain!)
(Promo code last checked/updated 15st December 2015)

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