Check Your Website Security Using Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner Tool

Website is very crucial part of any business now a days and web security is very important. web application technology is developing day by day but in other side hackers are also increasing to challenge the web apps and hacking into website. it is very dangerous when hackers stealing the valuable business information there for […]

How To Convert Batch File Into Executable – bat2exe Demonstration

In this article we are going to take a look at “How to convert batch files (.bat) into executable files (.exe)”. In this tutorial, I’m going to demonstrate this with the help of a tool known as ‘bat2exe’ and is available to download at SourceForge. It’s an open source program which converts a .bat file […]

How does DNS Hijacking Works?, Tutorial for Redirecting Google to Facebook

This article will be served as a foundation for my next article, that is, “Advanced Level Facebook Phishing” and hence I would recommend you to read this thoroughly and try to understand how this works. This tutorial will explain How does DNS Hijacking Works  and we’ll hijack the domain such that when you type ‘’ you […]

How to Hide Your IP Address To Hack Anonymously Using Hide My Ass VPN

After a lot of requests from various hackers across the world, we are coming up with this post . This post will tell you How to Hide Your IP Address or How to Change your IP Address to hack anonymously using PRO VPN of Hide My Ass. Changing or Hiding the IP address is one of the biggest concerns of all Hackers […]

Remote Administration Tool Darkcomet RAT Setting up Without Portforwarding

It is a step by step tutorial with screen shots explaining about how to setup Remote administration tool Darkcomet RAT‘s remote server without Portforwarding . Read my previous article to know more about RAT: What is RATs and how it is popular in hacking remotely (Remote Administrative tool) Let’s start, 1) Click Here and make your no-ip  account 1st. 2) Now […]

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