Kali Linux Tutorial: Hack A Web Browser Using BeEF

BeEF was developed by a group of developers led by Wade Alcorn. Built on the familiar Ruby on Rails platform, BeEF was developed to explore the vulnerabilities in browsers and test them. In particular, BeEF is an excellent platform for testing a browser’s vulnerability to cross-site scripting (XSS) and other injection attacks. Step 1: Start […]

New Android Vulnerable – Hackers To Take Over Your Phone

This time Everything is Affected! Yet another potentially dangerous vulnerability has reportedly been disclosed in the Google’s mobile operating system platform – Android. Android has been hit by a number of security flaws this month, including:  Stagefright vulnerability that affects 950 Million Android devices worldwide A critical mediaserver vulnerability that threatened to crash more than 55 percent of Android […]

Kali Linux Tutorial: Finding Exploits Using the Searchsploit Tool

What is Vulnerability Exploit? Words like “exploit” and “vulnerability” are tightly bound together. Often, a script/program will exploit a specific vulnerability. Since most vulnerabilities are exploited by script kiddies, the vulnerability is often known by the name of the most popular script that exploits it. In any case, there are broad-spectrum vulnerability scanners/assessment tools that […]

Android Browser – Address Bar and Content Spoofing Vulnerability

Address Bar Spoofing Vulnerability Google security team themselves state that “We recognize that the address bar is the only reliable security indicator in modern browsers” and if the only reliable security indicator could be controlled by an attacker it could carry adverse affects, For instance potentially tricking users into supplying sensitive information to a malicious […]

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