Cross Site Scripting (XSS) Attack – Detailed Infographic And Video Tutorial

Here is the detailed infographic from explaining about xss attack (cross site scripting)  Video Tutorial For Reflected Cross Site Scripting + Backdooring Server Recommended Articles To Become A Hacker: How To Become A Hacker – Basic Guide For Beginners 2015 Understand The Hacker Mindset To Become A Real Hacker Programming Languages For Hackers And […]

Stealing Android Browser Cookies Using Cross Scheme Data Exposure Attack

tl;dr This exploit is an issue present in Android browser < 4.4 and several other android browsers which allows an attacker to read sqlite cookie database file and hence exposing all cookies. Along with it we will talk about a Cross Scheme Data exposure and intent URL scheme attack in Android < 4.4. Introduction During […]

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