Vulnerability in OpenSSH Flaw Leaks Private Crypto Keys to Attackers

A ‘Serious’ security vulnerability has been discovered and fixed in OpenSSH – one of the most widely used open-source implementations of the Secure Shell (SSH) Protocol. The critical vulnerability could be exploited by hackers to force clients to leak their secret private cryptographic keys, potentially exposing users to Man-in-the-Middle (MITM) attacks. What Causes the Flaw […]

Understand PHP and MySQL – The Database Technology Choice Ever!

What does open source mean? Open source is a type of software where the code is made freely available, which makes it an attractive choice even for beginning developers. The widely recognized benefits of open source software include the availability of source code, wide support communities, and existing code libraries. Many small and medium-sized web […]

Critical Bug in Popular Antivirus – Hackers can Steal all Your Passwords

If you have installed Trend Micro’s Antivirus on your Windows computer, then Beware. Your computer can be remotely hijacked, or infected with any malware by even through a website – Thanks to a critical vulnerability in Trend Micro Security Software. The Popular antivirus maker and security firm Trend Micro has released an emergency patch to […]

Check Your Website Security Using Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner Tool

Website is very crucial part of any business now a days and web security is very important. web application technology is developing day by day but in other side hackers are also increasing to challenge the web apps and hacking into website. it is very dangerous when hackers stealing the valuable business information there for […]

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