Hacker Tips – 10 Common Mistakes You Should Avoid When Coding

According to you, that’s the most prevalent miscalculation every beginner hacker programmer makes while html coding with Java coding terminology? Nicely, there are many simple html coding problems that men and women produce repeatedly. Learn how to location these and increase your html coding expertise. Recommended: Python For Newbie Hacker: Get Started Your Fist Coding […]

Python – Making A Simple SQL Injection Vulnerability Tester Tool

Hello, today we are making a MySQL SQL Injection vulnerability checking tool in python programming language. That’s why we named it Making A Simple SQL Injection Vulnerability Tester. It will work only on GET parameter using websites. Recommended: Python: Noob Friendly Programming Language To Start Coding Manual SQL Injection – Basic Tutorial For Hack A Website Things […]

Top 10 Websites To Test Your Coding Skills And Improve Yourself Online

The stereotypical image of a computer programmer—a geek with thick glasses and a pocket-protector hunched over a CRT monitor—has been replaced by casually-dressed, modern men and women fixing bugs and updating websites from the corner booth in their favorite coffee shop. Today, anyone can learn to code—from small business owners building their first website to […]

Python: Noob Friendly Programming Language To Start Coding

Python is exploding. And there’s a reason for that. It’s awesome! It seems everyone is learning it, teaching it, and hacking with it. Folks are even making python puppets and writing poetry in Python. While Python is easy to learn, it’s not necessarily easy to learn. This is not a discussion on how to hack or program with python, […]

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