Stealing Android Browser Cookies Using Cross Scheme Data Exposure Attack

tl;dr This exploit is an issue present in Android browser < 4.4 and several other android browsers which allows an attacker to read sqlite cookie database file and hence exposing all cookies. Along with it we will talk about a Cross Scheme Data exposure and intent URL scheme attack in Android < 4.4. Introduction During […]

Heartbleed Attack: Exploiting OpenSSL Vulnerability Using Metasploit

On 07, April 2014 a patch was released for OpenSSL to fix a very controversial vulnerability – The Heartbleed Bug. According to a report, over 500,000 servers were found to be vulnerable but more and more admins are now patching their machines and the numbers are decreasing steadily. Affected servers are vulnerable to hacking (extraction […]

How To Get Root Access When People Visit Your Website – Metasploit Exploiting IE8

It is a complete tutorial to get root access when people visit your website, here i’m using powerful tool Metasploit to setup backdoor entry. Metasploit is build in Hackers Os Kali Linux, i’m suggesting you to read my previous article to know more about Kali Linux: An Introduction To Hacker’s OS: Kali Linux And Setup Tutorial. The art of […]

Introduction to using Metasploit in Kali Linux

Metasploit is one of the most popular open source penetration testing frameworks available today. It offers tons of tools that range from scanning utilities to easy to launch exploits that include encoders used to bypass common security defenses. I’ll walk you through an example by compromising a Windows based authentication server that is not properly patched. The easiest way to […]

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