Python: Noob Friendly Programming Language To Start Coding

Python is exploding. And there’s a reason for that. It’s awesome! It seems everyone is learning it, teaching it, and hacking with it. Folks are even making python puppets and writing poetry in Python. While Python is easy to learn, it’s not necessarily easy to learn. This is not a discussion on how to hack or program with python, […]

Improved Features Of New Kali Linux 2.0 And How To Upgrade To It

Kali 2.0 (Kali Sana) was released last week which means that we get to spend some time sifting through Offensive Security‘s latest release looking at all the new tools and tricks. Offensive Security promised us a better, more powerful penetration testing platform, and my preliminary look at 2.0 shows that they delivered. Here is my […]

New Android Vulnerable – Hackers To Take Over Your Phone

This time Everything is Affected! Yet another potentially dangerous vulnerability has reportedly been disclosed in the Google’s mobile operating system platform – Android. Android has been hit by a number of security flaws this month, including:  Stagefright vulnerability that affects 950 Million Android devices worldwide A critical mediaserver vulnerability that threatened to crash more than 55 percent of Android […]

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