Linux Kernel Zero-Day Flaw – Vulnerable For Attackers To Get Root Access

A new critical zero-day vulnerability has been discovered in the Linux kernel that could allow attackers to gain root level privileges by running a malicious Android or Linux application on an affected device. The critical Linux kernel flaw (CVE-2016-0728) has been identified by a group of researchers at a startup named Perception Point. The vulnerability […]

Critical Bug in Popular Antivirus – Hackers can Steal all Your Passwords

If you have installed Trend Micro’s Antivirus on your Windows computer, then Beware. Your computer can be remotely hijacked, or infected with any malware by even through a website – Thanks to a critical vulnerability in Trend Micro Security Software. The Popular antivirus maker and security firm Trend Micro has released an emergency patch to […]

Hard-Coded Password Backdoor Leaked for Fortinet Firewalls

Are millions of enterprise users, who rely on the next-generation firewalls for protection, actually protected from hackers? Probably Not. Just less than a month after an unauthorized backdoor found in Juniper Networks firewalls, an anonymous security researcher has discovered highly suspicious code in FortiOS firewalls from enterprise security vendor Fortinet. According to the leaked information, […]

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