How does Hackers Cracking Passwords – Top 6 Techniques Explained

Putting up a good and long password is advised by cyber security however cyber security doesn’t teach us how to identify the hacker hacking into your computer. It doesn’t matter how strong you are creating passwords, there is always be an option for hackers to crack your passwords. The hackers Nowadays have been creating well-developed […]

Locky, Hackers Could Hijack Your System When You Open MS Word Doc file

If you receive a mail masquerading as a company’s invoice and containing a Microsoft Word file, think twice before clicking on it. Doing so could cripple your system and could lead to a catastrophic destruction. Hackers are believed to be carrying out social engineering hoaxes by adopting eye-catching subjects in the spam emails and compromised […]

Penetrate Pro Android App – How To Decode WEP/WPA WiFi keys

Penetrate pro is an android app developed by Biogo Ferreira for hackers. It is an excellent app for decoding WEP/WPA WiFi keys. The latest version of Penetrate pro ( 2.11.1) supports the following routers: Routers based on Thomson: Thomson, Infinitum, BBox, DMax, Orange, SpeedTouch, BigPond, O2Wireless, Otenet. DLink Eircom Pirelli Discus Verizon FiOS (only some routers) Fastweb […]

How To Hack Into Air-Gapped Computers In Another Room- Stealing Decryption Key

Air-gapped computers that are believed to be the most secure computers on the planet have become a regular target for researchers in recent years. Air-gap computers are one that are isolated from the Internet or any other computers that are connected to the Internet or external network, so hackers can’t remotely access their contents. But […]

Hacker! – Understand The Term Before You Learn To Become A Hacker

What’s Hack, Hacking And Hacker?, Hacking is unauthorized use of computer and network resources. (The term “hacker” originally meant a very gifted programmer. In recent years though, with easier access to multiple systems, it now has negative implications.) Computer Hackers have been around for so many years. Since the Internet became widely used in the World, […]

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