Heartbleed Attack: Exploiting OpenSSL Vulnerability Using Metasploit

On 07, April 2014 a patch was released for OpenSSL to fix a very controversial vulnerability – The Heartbleed Bug. According to a report, over 500,000 servers were found to be vulnerable but more and more admins are now patching their machines and the numbers are decreasing steadily. Affected servers are vulnerable to hacking (extraction […]

Kali Linux Tutorial: Find Vulnerabilities for Any Website Using Nikto

In this tutorial i’m going to explain how to Find Vulnerabilities for Any Website Using Niktotool in Kali linux, Before attacking any website, it’s critical to do good reconnaissance. A few minutes of recon can save you hours on a hack. Simply trying various attacks without first finding which attacks the site is vulnerable is pure foolishness. […]

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