Introduction To Web Server Hacking Techniques And How To Protect Servers From Such Attacks

Customers usually turn to the internet to get information and buy products and services. Towards that end, most organizations have websites.Most websites store valuable information such as credit card numbers, email address and passwords etc. This has made them targets to attackers. Defaced websites can also be used to communicate religious or political ideologies etc. […]

Introduction To Web Application/Database Pentesting Tools In Kali Linux 2.0

Hello my newbie hackers, here is the list of whole tools in kali linux which is used for web application or database pentesting in kali linux 2.0.  The List is sorted into 7 categories: CMS Identification Database Exploitation IDS/IPS Identification Web Applicaion Fuzzer Web Application Proxies Web Crawlers Web Vulnerability Scanner 1. CMS Identification A […]

Kali Linux Tutorial: How To Brute Force WordPress Using Wpscan Tool

As a WordPress administrator or webmaster you are responsible for the security of the WordPress blog or website you manage. Most probably you’ve already done a lot to beef up the security and today we will show you how to brute force WordPress password in Kali Linux using Wpscan to checking your Password Strength. Disclaimer: […]

Cross Site Scripting (XSS) Attack – Detailed Infographic And Video Tutorial

Here is the detailed infographic from explaining about xss attack (cross site scripting)  Video Tutorial For Reflected Cross Site Scripting + Backdooring Server Recommended Articles To Become A Hacker: How To Become A Hacker – Basic Guide For Beginners 2015 Understand The Hacker Mindset To Become A Real Hacker Programming Languages For Hackers And […]

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