Python: Noob Friendly Programming Language To Start Coding

Python is exploding. And there’s a reason for that. It’s awesome! It seems everyone is learning it, teaching it, and hacking with it. Folks are even making python puppets and writing poetry in Python. While Python is easy to learn, it’s not necessarily easy to learn. This is not a discussion on how to hack or program with python, […]

Kali Linux Tutorial: Using Maltego Tool To Scan Network And Finding IP

Before we attempt to exploit any target, it is wise to do proper reconnaissance. Without doing reconnaissance, you will likely be wasting your time and energy as well as risking your freedom. In previous guides, I have demonstrated multiple ways to perform reconnaissance including passive recon with Netcraft, active recon with Nmap or hping3, recon […]

Cross Site Scripting (XSS) Attack – Detailed Infographic And Video Tutorial

Here is the detailed infographic from explaining about xss attack (cross site scripting)  Video Tutorial For Reflected Cross Site Scripting + Backdooring Server Recommended Articles To Become A Hacker: How To Become A Hacker – Basic Guide For Beginners 2015 Understand The Hacker Mindset To Become A Real Hacker Programming Languages For Hackers And […]

Kali Linux Tutorial: Hack A Web Browser Using BeEF

BeEF was developed by a group of developers led by Wade Alcorn. Built on the familiar Ruby on Rails platform, BeEF was developed to explore the vulnerabilities in browsers and test them. In particular, BeEF is an excellent platform for testing a browser’s vulnerability to cross-site scripting (XSS) and other injection attacks. Step 1: Start […]

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