AndroRAT – Android Remote Administration Tool Setup Tutorial

AndroRAT - Android Remote Administration Tool-


  • Android Developer Tools [here]
  • Java Runtime Environment [here]
  • AndroRAT Source [here]
  • I recommend you have some previous experience with PC RATs before getting into this. 
  • keep your phone plugged into your PC via USB & make sure you’re phone has USB debugging enabled
Getting Started

  • extract and run eclipse, which is inside the Android SDK:
  • choose “use this default workspace and don’t ask again” when eclipse runs
  • should look like this:
  • Preparing the SDK
    The SDK comes with the basic tools & libraries, but we need to download more packs to compile AndroRAT.

    • In eclipse, click: window -> android SDK manager
    • this should open:
  • note: The Android app says it needs API level 2.2; this does not mean it’s only for 2.2! This is the minimum requirement. It will run in GingerBread 2.2 & up! (2.3, HC, ICS, JB)
  • select these:
  • click install packages
  • accept anything that pops up
  • wait for the download to finish
  • close & re-open eclipse

  • Compiling the APK

    • go to file -> new -> project
    • select this:
    • click browse & select this:
    • click OK, this should appear:
    • make sure the project is checked
    • click finish; it should load the project into eclipse
    • note: you can compile this app right now, but it will ask you on startup (on the phone, when launched) for the IP address of your NO-IP host (since you will use that I assume). We will change this source later on to make it automatically configure itself on startup & go to background

    • If you’d like to, you can compile the APK right now.

    • click the drop-down button to compile the APK (when asked what you would compile it as, select “Android Application”)
      • note: the APK will be built to the bin folder inside the project’s folder: (the one we downloaded)
      • Code:

        Compiling the Server

        • go to: file -> import
        • select this:
  • click browse when the new window shows up. select this:
  • make sure the project is checked, click finish
  • our project will have an error-like icon:
    • right click on the project folder (the icon with the “!” sign) & click properties
    • click “Java Build Path” & click the “Libraries” tab:
  • the libraries with the “x” icons aren’t recognized by eclipse, so delete them. select them all & click “Remove”
  • the project still needs those libraries. on the same window, click this:
  • navigate to:
  • select all and of the files & click open
  • click OK

Now we’re going to run the applet once, so we can compile it in a second:

  • click on “Androrat Server” in the package explorer window
  • click the drop-down arrow next to the green “play” button -> run as -> Java application -> “Server – server” -> OK
  • AndroRAT Project (our client window) should run. if so, great!
  • close AndroRAT Project

Now we’re going to compile our RAT client into a .JAR: (so we can run it whenever)

  • click: file -> export; select:
  • set the options in the next screen as shown:
  • click finish
  • note: you will get a few warnings; click OK on each

Modifying the APK to auto-configure our server on startup

  • open
  • delete all of it’s content & replace with this:
Spoiler (Click to View)
  • edit the obvious parts:
  • you can put your NO-IP address here, if you’d like (alternatively, you can use your IP)
  • compile & you’re done

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