We are mainly focusing to provide quality information and tutorials related to computer and information technology security Systems, Ethical hacking, and also serving you the innovative technology tips and tricks we gained from the world of computers. The information provided in this site is only for education purpose and cyber awareness. we care for future cyber world so we are maximum promoting the social awareness about cyber security.

This site serves to teach not only basic skills, but also helps to understand logic used behind each command. If you know how to hack then you know how to defend hackers and protect yourself.

Irshad Pathoor – Founder

I noticed that while I attempted to learn hacking and computer security, I found it difficult to find a starting place. The world of computer security is vast, complex and I felt like I needed to find something manageable to start with. Often times I would find guides that would just tell you to input commands and in the end I felt I learned nothing then i decided to develop this blog to teach how hacking really works, what are the logic of any attacks and how to prevent it.

Irshad pathoor is an ethical hacker and web developer specializing in IT Security. He truly enjoy blogging and found it is become a passion to him. He spend most of the time playing around technology and reading. The most he enjoy hacking challenges and doing write-ups on what learned to develop himself as well as share the innovative findings with others.

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