How to Make a WordList Using Crucnch With Kali Linux

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What is Crunch and How can some buddy use it! What it helps to accomplish. Crunch is a tool which helps you to create WordList for Passwords Cracking! Crunch uses Algorithms to create Wordlist however or in whatever form you want. It generates all possible permutations and combinations.

Today we are going to make a perfect Wordlist using Crunch tool in Kali Linux, Kali Linux is not important you can download Crunch on Windows, Mac and others.

 What is Crunch?

Crunch is a Powerful tool which even helps you creating wordlist and can do more then that! You can Brute force directly WiFi Frequency! Rather then saving huge amount of Wordlist you can Brute force directly without saving passwords on your hard drive that will save your HHD/SSD usage or Storage.

What is WordList ?

In password cracking techniques, WordLists/passwordlists are very important files for cracking passwords. these lists have all kinds of key combinations of X possible passwords combinations.
Lets get on with the tutorial, Creating a Wordlist/Passwordlist with Crunch.

Go to Application > Kali Linux > Password Attacks > Offline Attacks >

then choose the Crunch option.
or simply open a terminal and write: “crunch” without the quotes.
Syntax for Creating WordLists/Passwordlists:

crunch <min> <max> <charset> -t <pattern> –o <filename>

min = minimum chars added to wordlist

max = maximum chars added to wordlist
Charset = Wich charset you want, abcdefg or 1234567

Pattern = The wordlist pattern you might want numbers from 98@@@@@ means your first two digit will be static and last digits will be variable.

In this example I want to create minimum 7 digits , maximum 7 digits , qwer987 with pattern qwe@@@@ and to save the file in the desktop folder.
So I would write:

root@USER:~# crunch 7 7 qwer987 -t qwr@@@@ -o /root/Desktop/yourlist.txt

Watch Video Demonstration here:

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