Penetrate Pro Android App – How To Decode WEP/WPA WiFi keys

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Penetrate pro is an android app developed by Biogo Ferreira for hackers. It is an excellent app for decoding WEP/WPA WiFi keys.
The latest version of Penetrate pro ( 2.11.1) supports the following routers:
  • Routers based on Thomson: Thomson, Infinitum, BBox, DMax, Orange, SpeedTouch, BigPond, O2Wireless, Otenet.
  • DLink
  • Eircom
  • Pirelli Discus
  • Verizon FiOS (only some routers)
  • Fastweb (Pirelli & Telsey)
  • Jazztel_XXXX and WLAN_XXXX
  • Tecom
  • Infostrada
  • SkyV1


The latest version requires Android 1.5 or higher.

How To Use It

Here is a quick guide to use Penetrate pro like a pro:
1. First, download Penetrate pro apk [MediaFire Link]
2. Then install it on your android device.
3.  Open it, you will see a window like this:
penetrate-pr0-android-wifi-hack-app -
If it says “Reversible: 0 found”, you have to change the target.
Reversing the Thomson routers requires a dictionary file or you can use 3G for it.
Once you got a reversible router, you can tap on it to get the WiFi Keys (Don’t forget to enable “Get keys from the web” by going to the settings):
penetrate-pr0-android-wifi-hack-app -
You can copy the keys just by simply tapping on them.
Penetrate pro also has a “Manual Search” option that allows users to find keys for a particular router which is not in the main list.

How To Use Manual Search Option

1. First, select the “Manual search” option from the menu.
penetrate-pr0-android-wifi-hack-app -
2. Select the router:
penetrate-pr0-android-wifi-hack-app -
3. Enter the numbers at the end of the network name. Then tap on “search”.
penetrate-pr0-android-wifi-hack-app -
4. It will display the key(s):
penetrate-pr0-android-wifi-hack-app -
Of course, Penetrate Pro is not a sophisticate tool like Aircrack android, but it is clearly a useful tool for penetration testers.

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  1. when i try to download the directories i am getting error like
    the download has failed, maybe the tubes are clugged. we are sorry. please try again
    even i tried manual search also
    what ever the number i give it is showing
    no potential keys found
    please help to resolve this issue