Android VTS – New Vulnerability Test Suite For Android Devices

vts-New Vulnerability Test Suite For Android-

Android VTS (Vulnerability Test Suite) new android vulnerability scanner which helps users to scan their android phone for vulnerabilities. Android VTS is free to use and released only for Android at present.

This application is created by NowSecure, a company that provides mobile security solutions. You can download and install VTS for Android on your android phone by clicking this link.

VTS for Android application is open source and you can contribute or review the source code at GitHub.

  • This tool scans a list of major bugs in Android phone:
  • ZipBug9950697
  • Zip Bug 8219321 / Master keys
  • Zip Bug 9695860
  • Jar Bug 13678484 / Android FakeID
  • CVE 2013-6282 / put/get_user
  • CVE_2011_1149 / PSNueter / Ashmem Exploit
  • CVE_2014_3153 / Futex bug / Towelroot
  • CVE 2014-3847 / WeakSauce
  • StumpRoot
  • Stagefright bugs
  • x509 Serialization bug
  • PingPong root – CVE-2015-3636

vts-New Vulnerability Test Suite For Android-

All reports stays on your device and is not shared with anyone.

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