How To Create Facebook Phishing Android Application (No Coding Needed)

facebook phishing android app_picateshackz,com

In this tutorial i’m going to explain how to make an android application with facebook phishing method, so you can get the username and password of each person who login to facebook using this app. 

Note: This post is updated with new undetectable phishing files

This app is actually looks like real facebook app with real facebook icon so victim can’t find out whether it’s a fake facebook application or not.

Sending fake page’s url to victim is not possible now a days ,that method is easily detectable in firefox and google chrome browsers that’s why i’m tested this new method to phishing facebook and it works good.

Read my previous tutorial to create latest undetectable facebook phishing page: 
Create Undetectable Facebook Phishing Site – Advanced

Let’s start,


1. Make a phishing facebook login page as android browser and host to web
2. Make an android application using online app creator 

Step 1: Make a phishing facebook login page as android browser and host to web (Undetectable)

First you need to download ‘‘ attachment file – Click here to download or Alternate download

It contains 5 phishing page files including a folder.

  • data.php
  • follow.jpg
  • index.php
  • login.jpg
  • users.txt


>> It is undetectable ,so the page will not be suspended by any free web hosting site.

>> Customized facebook phishing page files for mobile browser
 (It will automatically redirect to real facebook page with notification of  ‘Your password was incorrect’ while log in from fake phishing page so victim will think he entered wrong password and he won’t have any doubt about is it fake or real?). 

Now you have to upload the ZIP file ( to web hosting site and get the phishing page’s url.

I prefer

Go to:  and fill out the information needed and click on Create My Account.


Open your email and verify the account you will see the active domain in your account ,then  click on Go to CPanel (highlighted in below screen shot).


Now open the first file manager icon under File managers section.


Go to “public_html” folder and delete the 2 files inside it. then click on “upload.


Below “Archives” section click on “Choose file“.
Select the zip file Which you have created above (In our case it is ‘‘).

Click on the “green tick“.



Now what will happen,when your hosting privder will test your content they will get a innocent php file reading another file.and when they try will to access “login.jpg” file they will get an invalid/corrupted image.


Now Access your URL with this id at end (/?id=facebookmobile)

Example: “

Congrats! Now you have your Phishing page URL same as above (note the Url we need it in next step).

Dreamhost banner

Step 2: Make an android application using online app creator

Go to www.appsgeyser.comClick on CREATE NOW Button.

Click the option website

Paste the phishing page’s url in the field (that you created in step1)
Example: “

Fill the field App name: Facebook or something related with facebook, click next

Description: give description about app, click next

Icon: custom icon > upload file – choose file ‘FacebookICON.png‘ (Click here to download FacebookICON.png) – submit

Click Next

Click Create app

You are done,

Download app to your computer then install it on your android device.

How to see stored email and pass?

When victim enter the email and and password in this app it will be stored in our ‘users.txt‘ file inside 000webhost > your domain > file manager > public_html, to see that click the view button next to users.txt file.


Inside users.txt file you can see the victim’s email and password (highlighted part in below screen shot).


If you have any doubt in this tutorial just type down a comment here.

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124 Responses

  1. unable to download the 4 pages.please fix it

  2. Updated the link with Mediafire download, Try it now brother

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  5. Sameer Arora says:

    hey admin my fles are detected by and now i cant access to filemanager of my CPanel my files are deleted by the byethost please help me and give undetectable files. Thanks.

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  7. kunal.bhatia says:

    hey amdin how to upload login files folder

  8. Maan Nasir says:

    Hey admin how to find a woking windows product key ??

  9. Compress the Login_files folder (zip or rar), so you can upload the folder

  10. tarun nagar says:

    in this 4 files one files name login_files is not uploaded into webhosting site.

  11. First you should compress the 'login_files' folder as zip or rar (, then you can upload

  12. doms says:

    when i try to register hosting ac it says ip address changed re-register. what does it me.

  13. Try another hosting website, i suggest you

  14. doms says:

    which is the url to past in web site url

  15. your phishing page's url created in step 1

  16. Unknown says:

    help me to make phishing by hostinger

  17. I think hostinger is not a good option for phisher page hosting, they will suspend you soon, i suggest you

  18. Liks Ape says:

    Good day, I click on Login.HTML is "http://file://localhost/C:/Users… supposed to be my URL?

  19. yes, if you done hosting those 4 files click on 'login.html', then your phishing page will open up and that is the exact URL you need to provide while making the app

  20. Maan Nasir says:

    thanks this is best site for hacking

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  22. It works well with 000webhost. nice one

  23. Unknown says:

    did ever thing u said, now how to send phishing site or apps to victim.

  24. Mamoon Arif says:

    sir is transferring files into file manager is time taking … plz reply???

  25. shahaltplove says:

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  32. Faizy GFaizy says:

    Dear n respected armin plz kindly can u send me the video link of this post plzzzzzzzzzzz i shall be very thankful to u

  33. Faizy GFaizy says:

    Dear n respected armin plz kindly can u send me the video link of this post plzzzzzzzzzzz i shall be very thankful to u

  34. Faizy GFaizy says:

    Dear n respected armin plz kindly can u send me the video link of this post plzzzzzzzzzzz i shall be very thankful to u

  35. Faizy GFaizy says:

    Dear n respected armin plz kindly can u send me the video link of this post plzzzzzzzzzzz i shall be very thankful to u

  36. Faizy GFaizy says:

    Dear n respected armin plz kindly can u send me the video link of this post plzzzzzzzzzzz i shall be very thankful to u

  37. Faizy GFaizy says:

    Its also said same thing in the above posts like re-register, suspend or hacked

  38. Anonymous says:

    i already create apps but dont know how to download that

  39. Anonymous says:

    *facepalm* No, its not. You are supposed to host the files on so you can send the link to your friends, you noob. Localhost means the computer that went to the link

  40. Mktg says:

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  41. Thank you for the information, I think this article is very useful for all who read it.

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  43. JIJITH says:

    Admin i cant do it !!!
    i cant copy the link location of login.html and i dont have public.html folder ??
    pls help me how to do it ???

    i request you to provide a video tutorial for this …..

    pls hel me…

  44. Anonymous says:

    I hv Complete All the Steps AS You posted
    And Completely INstall the App on My Mobile
    when I open the APp in mobile it Shows
    Index of/
    What I Do nOW
    Plzzz Help
    I used 000webhosting Cpenal Account

  45. your phishing page's URL path is incomplete when you created the app, u should add 'login.html' at the end of url. for an example your phishing page's URL must be look like this:

  46. vineet says:

    Those phishing pages always get detected and suspended whether you try to host on hostinger or 000webhost or any other webhosting.Do you have the solution to this specific problem to remain undetected by those webhosting? Irshad Pathoor ? Would be thankful if you help.

  47. undetectable facebook phishing tutorial will be posted soon bro 🙂

  48. Anonymous says:

    From Cipher Guy : hey anonymous where is ur index page . u should create index file first browser looks for index file . replace ur login with index file ie index.php or index.html

  49. Here is the new tutorial to create undetectable facebook phishing page:

  50. hello friends , this tutorial is updated with undetectable phishing files

  51. Om Kise says:

    I Dont Know….i Was Following Your Step and Just Got Error?

  52. if you are following this tutorial then your link should be look like this bro, and it is a working 100% 🙂

  53. Bro, i found the problem when i opened your URL. the first letter in your index file name is upper case "Index.php", just replace it as "index.php'

  54. Anonymous says:

    Hey bro I am trying to get one person's password since a Year but all I got is virus download Files , please Help me to get a person's Facebook password Please can you Do it for me please Reply

  55. Hacking someones personal data is illegal bro. but you can learn hacking through this blog and i am here to clear your doubts related to our tutorials

  56. Anonymous says:

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  57. Follow this tutorial bro.. i am explained the undetectable phishing page with free hosting:

  58. Anonymous says:

    I wasted time to make a site but when I click on File Manager step error is happending all the time so No !!!!!!!! why to waste so much time and energy in making a Phishing site, Do you know about Z-shadow site ? after signing up It gives you Phishing links or we can also make a phishing page through Z-shadow according to the target Requirments . but Here in both I don't understand how / why will the Target fill the Forms ? Until they fill it we won't get there Passwords Right ? then How to do that?

  59. This is how phishing really works and i don't know about Z-shadow, i am sure this tutorial is working 100%…because i just tested it right now but the problem you said is comes up sometimes when open file manager in 000webhost, but you can solve that issue by changing your ftp password and open up file mangaer with new password. at last you have to send the link to target and let him fill the form otherwise you wont get the username and pass….if you want more advanced method then you need to learn python coding and do some extra fun with operating systems like Kali Linux.

  60. WWE Latest says:

    yes bro i check your script i found tracking php script in login.jpr file and you Encode php script ok . very smart man , so what you think about this i mean you encode php script and add in login.jpg file ?????

  61. WWE Latest says:

    ok give me you email id ?????? i am wating

  62. WWE Latest says: if this page is your and you are admin tell me i sms on your page

  63. WWE Latest says:

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  64. Unknown says:

    Hey admin i m confused which site I have to put in app to create fb app and how can I find my phising page url

  65. aman kumar says:

    Hey admin I m confused which URL I have to put in fb apps.and how can I find my phising page url

  66. Your domain/subdomain + '/?id=facebookmobile'

    for example:

  67. Anonymous says:

    okaay so i used this tutorial but when i use the application it says id error, please reply soon. andd i used 000webhost .

  68. you should add the correct id in your URL, for example your domain must look like this:

    If you still have the doubt then give me your link

  69. Thanks all of you share it very useful, please let me know where to buy it ?



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  71. Anonymous says:

    i'm getting error "your id is incorrect" while accessing phishing url.. plz help!

  72. Add '?id=facebookmobile' at the end of phisher domain url,

    for example:

  73. Anonymous says:

    hello admin, this is the link i get, http://www.facebœ, but i get a error404 and will redirect to the web hosting page.

  74. Anonymous says:

    Dear Admin, why the link only open in browser ? It doesnt open if open inside facebook application, any suggestion ? The page also doesn't look like current facebook page on mobile rather look like an old page, is that the source code need to be changed ? Kindly refer to any possible error… with many thanks.

  75. my problem is same from where i get the phisher domain url.

  76. please give me guidelines to get the url.

  77. Voice Nimble says:

    thanks for this information App Buzz

  78. hi….how to set url in please give me idea….because i have no idea to set ?id=facebookmobile in url

  79. my url is by default from 000webhost… so how i can set "?id=facebookmobile" in link?

  80. ya but how to add ?id=facebookmobile in url?

  81. I already done all processor. Is there any other option to hack someone account because in this way victim required to download the app without downloading any files we cant get Victim ID And Password. If There is any other other option plz let me know sir

  82. Anonymous says:

    bro it's working 🙂
    but i have a problem !
    in android fake page add is showing what to do now ?

  83. Anonymous says:

    why does I have the requested url was not found

    how come -_- I followed the instructions well

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  92. Anonymous says:

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  93. Unknown says:

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